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    My jsp file are not working properly , the path i am using is http://localhost:7001/jsp/jspfiles.jsp. its not working, pls help.i have uncommented the jsp section in weblogic.properties.
    secondly, when i call servlets from a html file its giving 404 error, and i have saved the class file in servletclasses.its urgent.

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    Set the JSP properties in weblogic.properties config file.
    Check the below property under # WEBLOGIC JSP PROPERTIES


    DIR is the directory where javac.exe is present.
    and check the workingDir property


    if classfiles dir is not existing,create that directory or u can specify any of the existing directoriy.

    I hope this may solve ur problem,

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    I think the jsp is not in the correct directory.

    For the URL you specified it should be