DBSight is a powerful tool for web developers to create scalable database full-text search in Lucene. You can create a database search service, return results as HTML/XML/JSON, so you can easily use it with Ruby, PHP, or any existing web applications. Creating a search is easy. What about maintenance? We all know that database is always changing. Schema migrates, data need some massage, etc. DBSight fits this need well. In addition to easily index and re-index the database, you can also easily do incremental indexing on demand, or schedule an indexing/re-index/incremental-indexing. It's easily customizable. You can add your own analyzer, similarity for your special needs. It's also highly scalable. You can create sharded indexes for your sharded databases, and have a seamless global search. Note for expert Lucene users: DBSight has many unique features, like time-based ranking, fast and memory-efficient facet search. The best thing is, it's free and super easy. You can create a production-level search in 3 minutes. http://wiki.dbsight.com/index.php?title=Create_Lucene_Database_Search_in_3_minutes By making database full-text search super easy to create or change, you can quickly add a new full-text search or adjust current index structure according to your specific requirements. Searching in application is actually complicated. DBSight makes database searching a detachable separate concern, greatly improves the flexibility and scalability. DBSight also does the "dirty" job to synchronize the database, incremental indexing, facet-search(categorized result counting), easy to change synonyms and stop word, reserved word list, field-level and document-level ranking, multi-threaded searching, time-based ranking, transacdtional index data integrity, server clustering, etc. DBSight powers production-level sites. For example, one product-search site powered by DBSight recently got funded 2.6 million Euros. You can do it too.