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    Hi, I have come across recently something like this Do any of you have experience with or any thoughts about that platform? Do you know any reasonable Visual Programming Platform for web development that would be good for quick "build and show to customer" or PoC? Regards Maciej
  2. Hi, I have been using Tersus over 2 years. It is very good platform to built small application in extremely short time. The learning time is short cause really goog documentation for starters (great tutorial for beginners). Unfortunately advanced documentation is not completed yet (there are still missing topics). Although Tersus is still young technology and it is changing fast, it is stable platform for production environment. If you would like to know anything specific information about Tersus experience - I'll try to help you. You may contact me off-line if you like. There is also other very good visual solution - called Remedy Action Request System. This is commercial closed source solution. Remedy ARS has web client but it seems to be slow and not that stable. regards, pawel bahyrycz
  3. Thanks a lot!
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    hi my name is soheil, i work on VPL I want creat an application that creat flowchart with my components & then run the flowchart algorithm. so i need the open source application that do it. i think, i can use tersus and change it's languege to java. is it possible? can you suggest me any solution?