Sivakumar Thyagarajan writes about the recently published early draft of the Connector 1.6 specification, allowing connectivity to Enterprise Information Systems from the Java EE platform. Among the primary features in the 1.6 early draft, Sivakumar cites:
- Generic Inflow Context: a mechanism for enabling a resource adapter to provide additional contextual information while a Work gets executed by the application server's WorkManager - Security Inflow: enabling a resource adapter to propagate security identity information during Work execution and delivery to MessageEndpoints(MDBs) - General improvements to the specification: in the areas of handling connection failures, inbound and outbound configuration consistency, better configuration property processing (ability to specify better validation rules etc) and clarifications around the classloading of standalone resource adapters. - Focus on ease-of-development of resource adapters. Aligning with common programming model of Java EE by defining helper classes and annotations for the Connector API wherever applicable.
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