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    Hello All, im new to developing web services, though have been programming in java for quite some time. i am following a book -'SOA using java web services' to start off in web services. one thing that i have found surprising is that the author hasnt used frameworks at all in his book(be it axis, or metro or any other). i know the basics of web services quite well (WSDL,SOAP) im thinking of leaving the book for now and go hands on by using a framework like axis2 to develop a web service with a tutorial to help me out. will it be useful or maybe ill be better off sticking with the book? or i could join an open source project to develop web services.... what way do you suggest to get a hands on feel of web services?
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    if the author has given examples of writing web services with out using any frameworks then this is the best way to learn as you will know the complete intricacies, provided you understand them. and the next step is to go for the ready made framework like axis etc. where your job is just to write a class and deploy it in axis to expose it as a web service where most of the work is done by the framework behind the scenes. if you go by the book and understand it well, may be you will write a better ws framework!!