Skyway Builder release supports Mac and WebLogic


News: Skyway Builder release supports Mac and WebLogic

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    Skyway Software, a commercial open-source company specializing in model-centric tools for developing, testing, and deploying Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and web services, announces today the release and general availability of Skyway Builder version 6.0.2. With this new release, Skyway Builder now includes the following: • Apple Mac OS X support • Oracle WebLogic 10 support • Web layer enhancements, including improved pagination functionality and expanded binary content controls for more robust RIAs Skyway models generate standard Java code that conforms to industry best practices for deploying to the Spring Framework and Spring MVC in a web-server-only environment and/or in a full JEE container. Developers may access the free, open-source version of Skyway Builder Community Edition via .
  2. Nice to see companies now support the Mac. Most of us Mac users feel like second class citizens when it comes to Java development. So my hats off to Skyway for taking the time to support this growing user base