soapUI goes restUI The eviware team is very happy to present beta1 of soapUI 2.5 with extensive support for REST Testing. In the new soapUI edition you can do complete testing of RESTful services, including Inspection, Invocation, Functional Tests, Assertions and LoadTests. soapUI 2.5 allows tests of both WADL supported and WADLess RESTful Services. soapUI 2.5 also includes WADL generation and from WADLess services and Documentation generation From both WADLed and WADLess Services. In soapUI 2.5 you will also find:
  • JSON Test Support
  • HTML Test Support
  • WS-Addressing Support
  • Encrypted Project Files
  • Much improved MockServices
And much more … soapUI Pro Features soapUI Pro includes all the above Pro flavored as well as a DataGen TestStep, Team supported soapUI Projects Files, new LoadTest Strategies and more. As always we are grateful for all the feedback we’ve had developing the new version and would like to encourage you to try it out. Read about all the features and download soapUI 2.5 beta 1 here