The objective of the OSBL is to glue several open source components together, to form an integrated application stack. It provides a process engine, a persistence engine, a plugin manager, a window manager, different navigation strategies, identity management, orga management, rule based authorization ... all you need in order to build sophisticated java applications with a WebUI. Version 2.0 contains a couple of powerful new features. Along them are support for multiple isolated mandators, rule based permissions, JAXB-based XML impex of all business domains and a basic dms interation (JCR). The overall usability has been improved, the navigation elements are arrangable like portlets and user settings can be stored via the java preferences API. Of course, this release fixes a lot of bugs, too. Many thanks to our customers and partners and special thanks to Ingres for doing the compatibility tests! Changelog: Sources: Homepage: Demo: (test/test/M) The OSBL development team wishes you merry xmas and a happy new year! Holger Engels