Midnight Coders launches into the New Year with WebORB PDF Generator, a solution consisting of an SDK and runtime PDF generation engine that enables Flex, Flash, AJAX and Silverlight clients to create PDF documents from application data. The product is ideal for organizations that have a need to support complex workflows and also capture Rich Internet Application data into customizable PDF documents for online or offline electronic or paper distribution. Product features and benefits include: •WYSIWIG PDF template design increases developer productivity and speeds time to deployment. •Custom Rendering provides maximum flexibility for achieving completely custom design for the generated documents. •Graphical Template Design using FlexBuilder(available now) and VisualStudio (coming soon) enables developers to easily create templates from within the development environment they are most familiar. •Flexible Data Binding methodologies provide greater options for developers to include content from the application domain as well as external data sources without being intrusive. •Server-side PDF Generation centralizes administration, making installation and management easy and cost effective with a single install per server and no client fees. •Embeddable Flex/flash content such as chat and streaming media can be rendered within a generated PDF document to unlock many opportunities to streamline worker productivity and improve user interaction and satisfaction with web forms and PDF generated content. Developers can learn more about WebORB PDF Generator by visiting http://www.themidnightcoders.com/products/pdf-generator/overview.html; contacting sales at themidnightcoders dot com; or calling +1.888.MYWEBORB option 1. Evaluation copies of the product are available from the website. Please visit www.themidnightcoders.com for more details.