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    PrimeFaces is a brand new component suite and extension set for JSF. UI Components PrimeFaces UI module contains various JSF components providing rich web user experience. PrimeFaces use Yahoo UI library as the underlying client side framework. Components do all the hard work, deal with javascript rendering, and handle the JSF integration on the server side. * Rich set of components (HtmlEditor, ImageCropper, Dialog, AutoComplete and more). * Flash based Chart components. * Built-in Ajax with Partial Page Rendering * Compatible with other component libraries * Unobstrusive javascript rendering. * Well documented components. Optimus Optimus module provides solutions to ease the development with JSF. Optimus removes the burden of XML from JSF by providing a lightweight annotation based IOC container based powered by Google Guice and an XML-less Navigation Handler that removes need for xml-based declarative JSF navigations. Optimus also provides persistence support with JPA integration. * Annotation based IOC built on top of Google Guice. * Persistence support and JPA integration. * Declarative transaction management. * XML-Less JSF Navigations. * Excel and PDF export of DataTable contents. * Security Extensions. FacesTrace FacesTrace aims to enhance the traceability of JavaServer Faces based applications. Several trace information and performance metrics are collected and presented on the page being traced. FacesTrace is developed seperately before PrimeFaces is found and joined PrimeFaces project as a submodule. * JSF LifeCycle visualizer. * Performance Tracker. * Scoped Attributes. * Log4J appender. * FacesMessage Lister. * Component Tree visualizer. HomePage of PrimeFaces: Online demo is also available:

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    Very impressive, Cagatay! Component samples are great but I couldn't find the docs for Optimus. Congrats, -talip
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    I second that: very impressive! Now all you have to do is finding some company which is big enough (like Sun/IceFaces, RedHat/RichFaces) to back your product. Is there any example of row selection in a data table? (I mean, I click on a row and the server knows which row I click on; using Seam to get the data on the row I click on is ok, but then I cannot click on multiple rows) Your resizable data table looks better than the extended data table of RichFaces. I hope to see Google maps API, some scriptaculous effects, some layout components (I mean the one with a movable splitter), a tree table ... in your component suite in a near future (haven't checked out your Optimus and FacesTrace yet).
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    while trying the demo i found few errors and few components were not working properly in chrome.
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    I really appreciate that someone from my country started to build a component library for jsf development. The first releases of of this library may not be very stable for development but, it takes time. I am using Icefaces at the moment and the first releases of it wasn't strong enough for enterprise web development. It takes time to build up a bug-free library. Great work!!!
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    Greate work Cagatay! Really impressive. Same thing for your blog.