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    HI I'm new in a java web developpement ,I started with a servlet technology;but i descovered that is a old one;and there is a more other framework are avaible for my application(struts,jsf,...). so how can make a choice between this framworks? what is a most important criter for make this choice? TKS
  2. I'm afraid there's no easy answer to that question. As a beginner you do well to start with plain servlet technology. This is what all the other java webapp frameworks (at least the ones I know) are based on. So understanding it will help you, no matter which framework you eventually choose. From there it wholly depends on what you want to do. If it should be something flashy, high level of interactivity (with lots of AJAX), you might want to give GWT a try. If you would like to write business applications, based on a framework that won't disappear anytime soon, try JSF. I don't think JSF is very well suited for a beginner however, so you would certainly be up for a challenge. And of course there are those who would argue that nobody needs JSF, because Spring can do it all and is much better in every respect anyway. If you want a framework that is easier to understand and still very versatile, I recommend Wicket or Tapestry. There are dozens of other frameworks that could be mentioned here, some of which probably will. Good luck finding the one that is "right" for you. Cheers Edmund
  3. thx for your answear; it was very helpful,because i have started with JSF;and your anwsear was conformed to me that's a rigth choice for a begiener. I try to developpe a web application for industry;but i have not a good experience for this kind of application;i prepare it with UML;so have you any derctive to advance in a rigth way. thx very much again