30 second overview: http://www.philliprhodes.com/content/stitches-30-seconds Demo here: http://demo.philliprhodes.com/stitches-client/ 1) Integrated with apache tika so that all text is now extracted/searchable. 2) Cool demo, a google mashup with a stitches backend. The stitches backend stores 43k zipcodes and does the nearby search. The demo communicates with the stitches server via metro. http://demo.philliprhodes.com/stitches-client/ Please be gentle and understanding with the demo. I can only afford a small 500meg ram server, and it's running 2 tomcats with grails. If you have a "get a server for free" card, hook me up please. Some features: * Create and manage your content * Add / update /modify your content repository using a local or remote API * Search your content by keyword, tags, and folder * Ability to organize content into folders * Ability to query content filtered by folder * Ability to query content filtered by content type * Geo-searching- able to perform "nearby searches" against your content * Any content can be configured to have images, pdf's and longitude/latitude values, etc. * Automatic image thumbnail generation * Automatic synchronization with amazon-s3 of your content * Extract text for all formats (MS, rtf, pdf, etc) with http://lucene.apache.org/tika/formats.html * 60+ and counting unit tests * Leverages Compass, hence ability to configure your index to be part of the "cloud"