More on the SpringSource Acquisition from SearchSOA


News: More on the SpringSource Acquisition from SearchSOA

  1. The overnight news is that web application framework specialist SpringSource was scooped up by virtualization giant VMware for about $362 million in cash and equity plus the assumption of some $58 million of unvested stock and options. It seems the industry thrust toward cloud computing is creating stranger and stranger sets of bedfellows… SpringSource has long been a straight-ahead application development play but, as interest increases in the “Platform as a Service” form of cloud computing, that application development platform gains interest to virtualization software provider VMware. Virtual machines are the lifeblood of cloud, after all, but what the heck are they going to run on those bloody machines? Why, applications, of course. We’ve already seen some odd package pairings in the early days of cloud computing. So we asked Ovum Analyst Tony Baer if he saw a connection between what VMware pledges to do with SpringSource and what we have seen IBM do with its recent CloudBurst appliance. Read the rest here: .
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  3. No. EMC own VMWare, So Oracle will buy EMC ..hehe
  4. Actually, VMWare trades independently on the NYSE (Symbol: VMW), though it is majority owned by EMC.