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    I am new to EJB. I have a doubt about
    Entity beans. When i use bean managed
    persistence, do I have to expilcitly call
    ejbStore() method after modifying a field of entity
    bean or the container manages this task?

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      if your ben is CMP then container will take care of it
    it automatically calls it prior to PASSIVATION and
    whenever it do synchronisation operation.

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     In continution to previous , if you are using BMP
    then definitely you have to call EJbstore() for
    synchronisation with database

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    Please go through this .... This is for BMP.

    If a business method is associated with a transaction, the container invokes ejbLoad
    before the business method executes. Immediately after the business method
    executes, the container calls ejbStore. Because the container invokes ejbLoad and
    ejbStore, you do not have to refresh and store the instance variables in your
    business methods-- the container performs these functions for you.