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    Cross report is a useful technique for analyzing data, so it is widely used in almost all fields' web report design. In a cross report, target data is located at the cross point of left and top grouping dimensions. Therefore, users can analyse data with multiple dimensions easily in a cross summary report. By presenting data in a spreadsheet-like grid, a crosstab lets users view summary data instead of a long series of rows and columns. For example, in a sales application you might want to summarize the quarterly unit sales of each product. However, it is not easy to make a cross report with common reporting tools. While other programmers are frustrated in making web cross report, the users of RAQ Report can make a beautiful cross summary report in one minute. For specific operations of making a cross report, you can refer to RAQ Report IDE -- Help -- User Tutorials -- Junior Tutorial -- Chapter 7 Cross Report.
  2. Please also look at Windward Reports[ Go to top ]

    Hi; Another alternative you should look at is Windward Reports. With Windward you design your reports in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. So instead of being spreadsheet-like, it is Excel. thanks - dave