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    Can someone give me the basic stepd to set up RDBMS Realm in wblogic for the resouces like connection Pool, servlets and EJB.

    Thanks in Advance!!

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    I believe you have to specify which realm your group or user is part of when assigning privileges to resources.
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    This is what i am trying to do

    I have defined a Pool name ibmPool in my weblogic property file. Based on RDBMSRealm example, I have set up the realm as RDBMSrealm. In my property file there is no ACL defined on Pool. In the cloudscape database I had defined the ACL "weblogic.jdbc.connectionPool.ibmPool" with permission of "reserve" to "grp1" (A group which has two members tmgr1 and admin)
    Now through my application when I login. I get following error

    java.lang.SecurityException: User "guest" does not have Permission "reserve" based on ACL "weblogic.jdbc.connectionPool.ibmPool".
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    Hi Jaswinder,

    Its because before the server authenticates you, it tries to access the database resource(connection pool) which has access to grp1(tmgr1 & admin). But the server identifies you as guest, the default user of weblogic.

    Add guest to grp1. It will work.