Jt5.3 has been released. Jt is a design pattern framework for the rapid implementation of Java applications. Jt implements many well-known patterns including Data Access Objects (DAO), GoF design patterns and J2EE patterns. Jt5.3 features several Enterprise Service Bus components and a reference application: - Enterprise Service Bus Adapter - JMS Adapters - EJB Adapter - Axis Proxy - Restful Web Services - Web Services Adapter (Axis) - Axis Proxy - XML/Component conversions The Jt Enterprise Service Bus implementation allows you to connect heterogeneous applications regardless of the technologies being used, including JMS, Web Services, EJB, REST, HTTP, EJBs, etc. Jt 5.3 also features a version of the reliable file transfer program (JtRftp). The JtRftp is a reference application built on top of the Jt framework. The JtRftp application allows users to transfer files of any size reliably by taking advantage of the framework Enterprise Service Bus capabilities and components. The use of JMS and transactions make the file transfer reliable. http://freedom.lunarpages.com/Jt/