Appro Introduces the Most Powerful 1U Quad GPU Server Based on NVIDIA Tesla 20-Series GPUs


News: Appro Introduces the Most Powerful 1U Quad GPU Server Based on NVIDIA Tesla 20-Series GPUs

  1. Milpitas, CA, May 4, 2010 – Appro (, a leading provider of supercomputing solutions, takes the leadership role and introduces the Appro Tetra server, the most powerful GPU server available today in a 1U form factor based on NVIDIATesla 20-series GPUs. This product will be available for purchase in May 2010 and ready to ship in volume starting June. 

    The new Appro 1U Tetra GPU server provides the highest compute power to density ratio solution delivering scalability, reliability and best price/performance to support technical computational applications. It features two CPUs and four NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPUs with 6x hot-swappable 2.5” HDDs and one PCIe expansion slot per server. It offers integrated IPMI 2.0 remote server management capabilities, high-speed interconnect options and a choice of Linux or Windows® operating systems. It also offers green features such as intelligent power control capabilities to dynamically power down pairs of GPUs to provide power savings for thermal efficiency and system reliability. The Appro Tetra server is offered in two models; the Appro 1426G4 server hosted by the latest Intel Xeon™ processor supporting up to 96GB of memory and the Appro 1326G4 server hosted by the latest AMD Opteron™ processor supporting up to 128GB of memory. Both models offer a 12GB of ECC GDDR5 memory support with a total of 1,792 GPU cores delivering double precision performance of over 2 TFlops of computing power per server.

    Ideal customers are in Energy and Government Research segments of the high performance computing market that are considering GPU supercomputing building block deployments in their high density compute environments.

    “The Appro 1U Tetra server is the result of listening to our customers,” said John Lee, VP of Advanced Technology Solutions for Appro. “Appro is excited to work with NVIDIA and committed to delivering HPC GPU solutions to customers that address price/performance with dense supercomputing solutions providing optimum application performance that is perfect for massively parallel and data intensive applications.”

    “The launch of the Appro 1U Tetra with 4 Tesla 20-series GPUs illustrates Appro’s innovation and leadership in high density computing systems,” said Andy Keane, General Manager of the Tesla Business Unit at NVIDIA. “The Appro 1U Tetra is the first platform that provides 2 CPUs and 4 GPUs in a 1U server package offering a terrific value proposition to HPC customers who need high density and supercomputing performance at lower price points.”

    For more information about the Appro GPU Computing Clusters, go to

    About Appro 
    Appro is a leading developer of supercomputing solutions. Appro is uniquely positioned to support High Performance Computing markets focusing on small, medium to large-scale deployments where low total cost of ownership is essential. Appro accelerates technical data-intensive applications for faster business results through outstanding price/performance, balanced architecture coupled with latest technologies, open standards and engineering expertise. Appro headquarters is in Milpitas, CA with offices in Korea and Houston, TX. To learn more go to

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