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    In case two Netscape windows share the same url, these two windows will share the same SessionId (Cookie).

    Does somebody know, how to tell the weblogic application server to generate different Session-Ids for both windows.

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    I believe you can't do it if you are using cookies, and if the two windows are part of the same running netscape process on your machine. If they are separately executing processes then they will have different session IDs.

    This is due to how cookies work. The Web browser process already has a flag saying something akin to "For any request to* put the following Cookie in the http header..............."

    There is no way for you to stop this happening. If you flush the cookies from the browser then both windows will stop sending the cookie and will get another session generated (which will then be shared between the windows.)

    However, If you turn off cookies in the browser, and let the server use URL rewriting instead, then you should be OK, provided that when you open the second window, you do NOT pass in the session ID as part of the URL.

    That way, the server will have to generate a new one for the second window. Note however, if generating the session requires the user to login then they will be asked to authenticate again, which might not be what you want.

    You should be able to configure your server not to use cookies, rather than turning them off in the browser, but I'm not big on Netscape server so I don't know the precise setting. Hopefully it's not too hard to find. ;-)

    Hope that helps


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    Ooops, misread that, netscape browser, WebLogic server. In that case, the setting is buried somewhere in to tell it not to use cookies. Can't remember what it is off the top of my head but I am fairly sure it's in there somewhere. Search for cookie and you ought to find it.


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    I have the same problem with IE and sun's Reference Implementation of j2ee 1.3 beta. If I turn the cookies off in Browser, the server generates a new session each time the servlet is referenced. How can one track the session if the session gets each time a new ID? Any ideas?
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    If cookies are turned off, then the server should start URL rewriting (there should be another property added to links to your servlets.) As long as that ID is provided, the session it references should be intact.

    You can tell most servers what they are allowed to do, so make sure URL rewriting is turned on.