For many, Java is the language of choice for implementing Service Oriented Architecture, and with such a rich and diverse development community, there are a number of implementation frameworks that offer to share the burden. But as an Architect, which should you choose for your project?

Packt Publishing's 'Service Oriented Architecture with Java' aims to give a fast introduction to the most successful Java frameworks, along with a crash course in some SOA principals and benefits.
At 169 printed pages it's certainly a quick read and it delivers on many of its promises. However, spread between 3 authors, the cohesiveness of the writing has suffered somewhat, so you should take this review into account if you are considering buying this book.

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About the reviewer:

Ben Wilcock is a freelance SOA Architect with an enviable reputation for delivering good quality Service Oriented Architectures. He has spent the last 3 years working with a FTSE 100 listed Retailer to create a brand new Service Oriented Architecture which is delivering substantial business value and new opportunities.