The Sonar Team is pleased to announce the release of Sonar 2.2. There are three key features in this new version : 

Users can define filters and create tabs in the home page to get overview on a particular subject. For example : all projects, unit tests with longest execution time, classes with coverage < 50% and complexity per method >10... 

Resources can be flagged as favorites at any level : Project, module, package, file. Favorite resources can then be filtered in tabs on the home page 

Plugin classloaders
Plugins are now executed in independent classloaders. The main advantage is that plugins can declare their own dependencies instead of being limited to Sonar libraries. That's a major improvement for developing plugins. 

To find out more on those 3 features, you can explore them in screenshots [1]. 

On top of those 3 features, this release contains more than 60 improvements and bug-fixes [2], including Checkstyle/PMD upgrades and support of Clover 3. To enjoy the new version, you can download it straight away [3]. 

- The Sonar team 

[1] Sonar 2.2 in screenshots :
[2] Release notes :
[3] Download :