It may be ironic to post something like this on TheServerSide, with 800* ads on the page and everything, but here goes: Dan Tynan has written a privacy policy statement that is clear about how exposed you are.

It outlines that you're most likely identifiable. You're definitely tracked, the information is kept forever even though the people keeping the data probably can't find it any more, and as soon as the government asks for it, the information is given up.

In other words, privacy be damned. You're not protected at all.

I don't know if the privacy statement is legal or not, but it's definitely shorter than some, and it doesn't make any bones about whether you're safe browsing a site. It's also honest about whether you had choices:

(Hey, Did somebody hold a gun to your head and force you to visit this site? No, they did not. Did you run into a pay wall on the home page demanding your Visa number? No, you did not. You think we just give all this stuff away because we’re nice guys?  Bet you also think every roomful of manure has a pony buried inside.)

This privacy policy may change at any time. In fact, it’s changed three times since we first started typing this. Good luck figuring out how, because we’re sure as hell not going to tell you. But then, you probably stopped reading after paragraph three

Funny, because I almost didn't read that last paragraph, having stopped after paragraph five.

It's interesting, I wonder what a lawyer would think of it? And at least it's honest, right?

*Editors's Note: We don't have 800 ads on the site.