BasementCoders Take On Jenkins, Jack & the Elastic Beanstalk and the CRTC


News: BasementCoders Take On Jenkins, Jack & the Elastic Beanstalk and the CRTC

  1. In episode 31, the caustic and acerbic group of developers who call themselves the 'basementcoders' take on the Jenkins debacle, the usefulness of the Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, and finally, what the heck is happening with Canada's Radio and Telecommunications Commission, which interestingly enough, might have some significance to those who don't actually live in the frozen, white, wasteland of tundra that lies north of the 49th parallel.

    Basementcoders, Episode 31, with 'honorary basementcoder' Cameron McKenzie

  2. One thing I do enjoy here is the fact that we have four industry experts on the phone, and none of them can figure out where the heck Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk fits into the enterprise mix. The postulation is that it's great 'for startups' where they don't want to expend a huge amount of money for infrastructure, but I somehow highly doubt that this is Amazon's target market.

    It's good to know that I'm not the only one looking at all of these cloud offering and often thinking 'where the heck does this fit in?'

  3. We've just switched our reporting code from our custom homegrown solution to Beanstalk. We have a somewhat unusual problem - our reports take a lot of time to calculate, even though they require little input data.

    Earlier we've used a dynamic cluster of machines with Apache Hadoop on EC2, but now we're replacing them with Beanstalk.