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    I have a process that will be making connections to three different dabases using JNDI w/ Weblogic. The first two connections seemed fine and my code ran for months:

    1) Connects to an Oracle db using XA driver (select only)
    2) Connects to an Oracle db and then to another db using DBlink. This is a non-XA driver (again select only). I think I remember getting an error trying to use XA with a DBlink?

    Now I'm trying to write a third connection to a mySQL database that will be performing inserts based on the data from the 2nd connection. I've tried to set up this connection as both a 1-phase and 2-phase commit without much luck. The error I'm getting says the context is already open for another transaction... however I'm closing all my connections after I'm through with them.

    How am I to handle this? Thanks

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    Was able to resolve by switching to mySQL driver com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlXADataSource