Nuxeo, the Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform company, and Hippo, a leading vendor of commercial Java Open Source Web Content Management have built an ECM / WCM connector based on the OASIS CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) standard. A webinar with a demonstration of the connector will take place on July 20th.

Both Nuxeo and Hippo provide open source, Java-based, CMIS-compliant platforms, so the partnership between the two is a natural extension.

Based on the CMIS standard, the connector allows for content from a Nuxeo-based ECM application to be accessible on a Hippo-based website. Content from Nuxeo ECM applications, such as Nuxeo Document Management and Nuxeo Digital Asset Management, is typically managed by business processes internal to an organization. With this new connector, internal business content can be communicated via a website or portal without taking it out of its managed lifecycle. This eliminates the need to duplicate the information, and maintains the content history, validation workflow, versioning, and associated metadata.