Axosoft, the innovative software company behind OnTime, the leading project management software for agile scrum development has announced the release of OnTime v11 Beta. Completely revamping the user interface and experience, OnTime v11 Beta has Gmail like simplicity and power, featuring a brilliant main dashboard, fast navigation with keyboard shortcuts, and a convenient auto-saving ScratchPad.

"You don’t have to sacrifice power to get simplicity. Products such as the iPhone proved that with a disruptive new UI and so much new power in a smartphone that never existed before," said Hamid Shojaee, CEO & founder of Axosoft. "Could that be done for a complex bug tracking and project management system? For the past year, we’ve been working on that challenge and this is the result."

Since OnTime's first release in 2002, the software was designed to help developers "ship software ontime" through core functions such as bug tracking, feature management, help desk incident tracking, a planning board, and a project wiki. OnTime v11 Beta enables software developers and project managers the ability to stay organized and on task throughout the entire software product life cycle. 

Select highlights include:

A Brilliant and Simple Main Page: The entire interface for the main page enables users to hide unwanted sections and to change each and every window size with a click of the mouse. Allowing for complete customization and intuitive ease of use.
Keyboard Shortcuts: Similar to programs like Gmail, the new keyboard shortcuts enable for users to spend more time programming and less time entering in data. Just hit the "?" to see the all of the available shortcut keys.
Light-Speed Detailed View: View any item in detail faster than ever thought possible. Just click the "enter" button and before the button bounces back, every detail of that item is shown incredibly fast. Click the "J" and "K" keys to view the next item, or click the "U" button to go back to the main page.
Auto Save Details: With the new auto save function, OnTime has solved the problem of data being lost when a user's browser crashes or session runs out. By clicking the "Reload AutoSave" button, everything that was lost will be back.
ScratchPad: A notepad on steroids, ScratchPad automatically saves user's notes as they write them, allowing them to create an unlimited number of notes. It is also a rich HTML editor, which allows developers to format their notes accordingly.
Item Details: The new accordion style item details allow users to have multiple windows open at the same time. They can view the important item details such as description of the bug, attachments, and history all at the same time.
Drag-and-Drop Attachments: Users can easily drag whatever attachments are associated with the item into the browser-based app. It is as simple as that, unless of course, users are running Internet Explorer, which does not support drag-and-drop functions.
Quick Filters: The main grid can be quickly filtered with data that is important to the user. Users can filter by any Project, Release, User, or Customer simply by clicking on them in the left accordions.
A Smart Burndown Chart: The smartest Burdown chart OnTime has ever had allows for users to hover over individual bars to get values and trending information. Also, as users move from release to release, on the left sidebar, it will automatically update the Burndown chart to reflect selected releases.
All Items Tab: Users can see all of the work that is assigned to them by viewing Defects, Features, and Incidents in a single window. They can group by work type or sort by a specific filter.
Open in New Window Button: Although users can view multiple windows in the accordion panels, users can also open each window into its own dedicated window, allowing them to continue working in the main grid while adding, editing, and viewing a bunch of other items at the same time.
Current Settings: Quickly see what the current filtering settings are by viewing the settings bar. This allows users to easily remove and adjust the settings directly from the bar.

Axosoft is going to continue support and development of OnTime Windows, but they also recognize that the future of business applications is the Web. They believe that the OnTime v11 Web interface is better than the OnTime Windows experience and are urging customers to make the switch. With OnTime web, users can access OnTime anywhere without having to install a new version of the product on every user's machine.

Users that are currently OnTime installed customers, regardless of which version they are on, can switch to OnTime v11 in Axosoft's hosted environment by backing up their database and sending it to Axosoft's sales team. They usually have customers up and running in one of their 9 data centers the same business day. With nightly backups, redundant hardware, RAID redundancy for storage, a tuned SQL Server Installed, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure uptime, the benefit of switching is peace of mind. Never worry about IT infrastructure again and lower IT costs all together. 

OnTime is currently used by more than 100,000 software developers (in ISV, consulting and IT organizations) throughout 55 countries, in organizations like Verifone, EA Sports, Disney, the United States Army, Lego, Cox and Intel. The product is offered in a hosted, cloud environment (SaaS) or installed. A one-user license is available for free, and teams may trial the product for 30 days.

More information about OnTime version 10 can be found at

About Axosoft

Axosoft, founded in 2002, is a leading provider of agile / scrum project management, and bug tracking software. Its flagship product, OnTime, is widely acclaimed for its comprehensive set of features, flexibility and ease-of-use. Used by over 7,000 dev teams around the world and winner of numerous industry-recognized awards, OnTime is provided as a hosted, cloud-based application (SaaS) or as an installed application. Users access OnTime via one or more of the following clients: Web browser, Windows application, iPhone app, a Visual Studio plug-in, or an Eclipse plug-in. OnTime is available free for one user at