I'm very happy to announce the release of GroovyHelp 3.1.0 GA! You can click here to download it. More information is available on the GroovyHelp project site.

Improvements included:

  1. the jre can be specified to run via the environment variable named "GROOVYHELP_JAVA_HOME", which is especially useful when some jdks and jres installed. (Note: For old users, if you are using the jre GroovyHelp? provided, you have to add the environment variable, and specify its value as the location of jre.)
  2. java examples are bundled.
  3. the performance of searching, indexing and comparing docs is improved.
  4. the window will be minimized to tray under Windows.

Bugs fixed:

  1. fail to show doc because of choosing a wrong browser.