Fabric3 1.9 brings SCA and high-speed messaging to the cloud
The Fabric3 project (www.fabric3.org) has just released version 1.9 of its distributed services platform, which offers a number of new features that assist developers in building innovative, high-performance applications. The first Generally Available runtime to offer SCA Assembly 1.1 compliance, Fabric3 1.9 adds out-of-the-box support for multi-clustered deployments on Amazon EC2. In addition, Fabric3 1.9 offers blazing fast asynchronous messaging built on ZeroMQ (www.zeromq.org). Unlike traditional broker-based ESBs and message-oriented middleware, Fabric3 leverages the abilities of SCA and ZeroMQ to provide direct messaging connections between services with virtually no physical endpoint configuration, on premise or in the cloud.       
To learn more abut Fabric3 1.9, see http://www.fabric3.org/downloads.html