CloudSigma Opens up its Flexible, Customer-Centric IaaS Platform to Tapp Customers

Palo Alto, Calif - March 20, 2012: CloudSigma, the only international, customer-centric, pure-cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, today announced that it has joined cloud aggregator Besol’s Tapp platform, a cloud infrastructure management service, still in Beta. CloudSigma is the newest public cloud provider to join Tapp, opening up its flexible, customer-centric IaaS platform to current and future Tapp customers. With the Tapp platform, companies can not only deploy their infrastructure into a public cloud environment and manage their cloud servers more easily, but they can also migrate seamlessly between cloud IaaS providers, or fail over automatically in the event of a cloud outage.

CloudSigma offers a 100 percent virtual server availability and network uptimeguarantee, making it an ideal partner for Tapp’s disaster recovery service. With this service, customers that have contracts in place for multiple IaaS cloud providers can instantly and automatically fail over to a working provider, such as CloudSigma, should their primary cloud service go down. This is especially beneficial during large cloud outages, such as Amazon’s 2011 failure that left many businesses without access to services, data or critical applications. Had they been using Tapp, however, Amazon’s customers could have easily switched to CloudSigma’s platform as soon as it detected problems with Amazon’s service.

“CloudSigma was one of the first IaaS providers we approached to be a part of our Tapp platform,” said Javier Pérez-Griffo, Besol Founder. “Its uniquely-flexible offering really intrigued us, and we were blown away by its high-performance capabilities. Specifically, we found its SSD storage offering to be a valuable asset for the Tapp platform, especially with many of our clients’ high I/O requirements. Additionally, as CloudSigma charges in five-minute intervals, instead of typical hour splits, this creates a truly dynamic offering that fits in well with our migration services and gives customers the most optimized payment process possible.”

CloudSigma’s overall strategy and approach to its public cloud offering aligns perfectly with Tapp’s aim to maximize the flexibility benefits of cloud computing while eliminating vendor lock-in. With CloudSigma’s complete data portability and fully independent, scalable resources, it integrated perfectly with the Tapp platform, especially as its open software layer allows companies to deploy any desired applications or operating systems in CloudSigma’s cloud. This makes migrations and instant fail overs through Tapp a truly seamless process.

“From our inception, we have understood how valuable the flexible nature of the cloud is and have aimed to reduce the limitations imposed by other cloud providers,” said Patrick Baillie, CloudSigma CEO. “When we first looked at the Tapp platform, it became clear that they had a similar goal in mind. Now, it’s even easier for companies who may be dissatisfied with other providers’ storage, performance or resources to migrate onto our IaaS platform and take advantage of our unprecedented, flexible approach that gives our customers complete control of their deployments. Overall, we’re very pleased to be working with Besol and to be part of its Tapp service.”