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In response to the challenges small businesses face, Iconnyx – a fast-growing provider of managed IT services to the business marketplace – has launched a new hosting service that puts SMEs in control of ordering and provisioning, offering them flexibility to manage and provision their own services via an online portal.

The Cloud Industry Forum has identified that for many small businesses the need for flexibility is driving cloud adoption. Responding to this, Iconnyx has developed an online portal to support its SME customer base, enabling customers to login and select the storage size, memory requirement, contract length and operating system to suit their needs.

Designed to respond quickly to customer requirements, the online portal streamlines the provisioning and order process, meaning Iconnyx’s VirtualServe customers can make changes to their services and have those changes instantly updated, and going forward new servers can be provisioned on these technologies in an hour.

For added flexibility, VirtualServe customers are able to remotely monitor and manage their virtual hosting environment, including the ability to reinstall applications and restart the system.

For Iconnyx’s RackServe customers the ordering and provisioning timeframe has also been greatly reduced to five working days for a bespoke dedicated physical server solution.

“We understand that for many small to medium size companies, the need for their IT infrastructure to match the agility of their company is extremely important. We’ve created a portal where users can scale up or down quickly and easily, whilst benefiting from the advantages of outsourcing,” said Tim Walker, Managing Director at Iconnyx. “The development of our online portal is a further demonstration of our commitment to support SME growth through the use of cloud-based technologies.”

Iconnyx continues to support SMEs via its SME Insights educational series that runs in partnership with The Supper Club. The series provides a platform for SMEs to share pain points and receive relevant educational content via a dedicated resource centre hosted on Iconnyx’s new website.