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    I am having a requirement to change the JSP display at runetime. We have an J2EE application where fields are show/hide based on logged in user country. The conditions are written in JSP code for hiding the fields. My requirement is to create a framework which will decide at runetime, based on some configuration, which field to hide. No condition in JSP code. For e.g:

    1. A JSP havong 4 fields.

    2. Country A will see field 1,3,4.

    3. Country B will see fields 1,2,4.

    4. I will code a JSP with all 4 fields. At rune time, will read the configuration for country and show/hide fields as per user country.

    Something like applying XSLT on the generated JSP page to show/hide the fields. Also i have to make sure that the layout automatically get adjusted.

    Any suggestion?

    Thanks in Advance. 



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    Some more details, the UI generation is for plain JSP, no framework like Struts, to be used.