JasperWave Report Designer 0.9.5 is now publicly available in our milestone stream.Noteworthy items in this release include:

External Style Templates

Ability to work with existing style templates or create new ones from within the designer                  

JasperReports Server Integration

In this release, we added all that is necessary for full functional work with the JasperReports Server:

  • support of Input Controls: LOVs, queries, validation, dynamic prompt dialog, localization
  • loading of external resources: Image, Style Template
  • support of Resource Bundles: reading/previewing/using
  • repository element properties

JavaBean data source

A brand new wizard that simplifies significantly the process of setting up the data source andmakes the using of JavaBean data source as easy as possible.

Custom Java classes

There are a lot of places where JasperReports allows to use custom Java classes - fields, variables, parameters, expressions, etc.We applied the new approach for loading of required classes, you never face the ClassNotFound issue during design time. Classpath preferences might be updated at any time and chages will be dynamicly applied. 

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