WSO2 Developer Studio 2.0 builds on the original WSO2 Carbon Studio Eclipse-based IDE, which provides the tools for creating service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications, RESTful services, and composite applications based on the WSO2 Carbon enterprise middleware platform. 

WSO2 Developer Studio 2.0 expands the set of tools to support all aspects of SOAP and REST development. These include:

  • Web application server tooling: create Web applications that run on Apache Tomcat and WSO2 Application Server.
  • Web service tooling: in addition to Apache Axis2 and JAX-WS, tooling now also lets developers use Apache CXF to create open Web services from existing or new Java code.
  • BPEL tooling: in addition to the WSO2 Business Process Server, use Apache ODE to create industry-standard workflows and automated processes.
  • Gadget editor: in addition to the OpenSocial and Google Gadget specifications, use Apache Shindig to create gadgets and portal UIs.
  • Data service tooling: expose existing data sources as secure open services with WSO2 Data Services Server.
  • ESB tooling: create flows and mediation based on Apache Synapse and the WSO2 ESB.

WS02 Developer Studio is 100% open source and be downloaded at

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