RRiBbit is the most advanced, versatile and easy to use Open Source Eventbus in the Java World. You can use it within a Java application, to have different classes/components talk to each other without needing dependencies on one another, and you can use it to communicate with other Java applications on other machines.

RRiBbit improves upon existing Eventbuses by being compatible with existing code and allowing bidirectional communication between components. That's why we like to use the term Request-Response-Bus.

Version 2.1.0 adds JMS support to the already existing Java RMI support. This means that you can now send your events to a JMS Queue and read them on the other side without your code even having to know about JMS. RRiBbit therefore provides a communication technology agnostic way of writing your code. It also makes it extremely easy to write code that sends and receives messages to other machines and/or other Java components without the code being aware of that.

Other small improvements are:

  • Improved performance and logging.
  • Upgraded versions of all dependencies.
  • Updated and improved documentation.

Over the next few months, SOAP support will be added to the list of supported communication technologies.

Want to know more? Check out www.rribbit.org or download the latest version here.