Today VMware’s SpringSource engineer Talya Gendler shares with us an in-depth video on how developers can get a better understanding of application performance in distributed architectures using Spring Insight, a developer byte code instrumentation tool that comes with the Spring Tool Suite. This tool is a free add-on to STS, and puts some powerful visualizations at developer's fingertips, especially when developing distributed applications. Built as a plugin-based framework, Spring Insight comes with several 'core' plugins that help, as Gendler explains,

"to collect, correlate, and analyze performance metrics from all components of your application including default support for servlets, hibernate, jdbc, Apache Tomcat and tc Server, and even extending past java to include Grails support."

Spring Insight also supports other VMware-created and externally contributed plugins, found on the Spring Insight Plugin directory on GitHub. In today's video, Gendler takes us through two different applications to demonstrate how Spring Insight and its plugins help developers to better visualize application performance across distributed applications. As described by Gendler, the demo shows two different use cases to illustrate:

  • How Spring Insight shows the flow of application data across applications using the Spring Integration plugin.
  • How Spring Insight allows for monitoring RabbitMQ Java client libraries at the code-level.
  • How you can monitor your application's performance around publishing and receiving messages through RabbitMQ.
  • How to best determine how your distributed asynchronous application is performing.

For the full post and video, see Gendler's article "New Video: Deep Dive into Spring Insight's Plugins for Spring Integration and RabbitMQ“.