As new technologies arise, common catch phrases, easily remembered terms, and familiar abbreviations quickly emerge that can paradoxically be both explanatory and confounding. The cloud computing space is a prime example, as terms like SaaS, DaaS and IaaS can on the one hand help outside observers garner a high level understanding of what a given offering in this space might provide, while at the same time, the proliferation of divergent offerings in any one space can quickly overwhelm an individual who begins scratching through the surface.

TheServerSide was hoping to garner some guidance on the topic, so we reached out to our go-to resource on the topic, former JBoss Inc CTO and current Cloudbees CEOSacha Labourey. Sure, Sacha has a dog in the race so far as cloud computing and PaaS offerings go, but he always shoots straight and tells it like it is. So, what should companies look for in a PaaS offering? How do they know which PaaS offering is right for them, or for that matter, if they should be looking more at an IaaS or SaaS play? Well, here's what the expert had to say:

Correcting cloud-based FUD: Addressing PaaS myths and misconceptions

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