Compiling Lambda Expressions: Scala vs. Java 8


News: Compiling Lambda Expressions: Scala vs. Java 8

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    Lambda expressions have taken the programming world by storm in the last few years. Most modern languages have adopted them as a fundamental part of functional programming. JVM based languages such as Scala, Groovy and Clojure have integrated them as key part of the language. And now, Java 8 is (finally) joining in on the fun.

    What’s interesting about Lambda expressions is that from the JVM’s perspective they’re completely invisible. It has no notion of what an anonymous function or a Lambda expression is. It only knows bytecode which is a strict OO specification. It’s up to the makers of the language and its compiler to work within these constraints to create newer, more advanced language elements.

    To get things going I took a simple Lambda expression that converts a list of Strings to a list of their lengths.

    Don’t be tricked its simplicity – behind the scenes some complex stuff is going on.

    Read more about it here

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