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    We are currently running an EJB app at one location with an EJB client program at another. This client remotely calls the EJB application and sends it sensitive data.

    My question is, what are my security options?

    Should i be using 3rd party certificate type encryption such as RSA? Or is it not worth all the time and effort. What are my options???

    Thanks in advance!
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    Security is an issue which can be handled several cases in several ways. If your concern is connection to the App you will be handling it differently and if it is the Data transferred then you follow in a differnt way.

    Third party security tools is a definitely an easy options OR you can develop some depending on the nature of the Data.

    And where it is flowing through. SSL may be a good option if the data is over the network and You could Encryption by JCE or things of that kind.

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