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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some object - Java based - that can take data (collection-based e.g. array, vector, etc.) and generate an HTML table with the data in. We are busy writing a standard Java bean to do it, but I was wondering whether its not been done before.

    We are using Servlets (not JSP), but I'm wondering whether I cannot encapsulate a JSP tag + all the relevant processing into a bean to emit the desired HTML table...?

    Another idea is that I remember Sun started another spec for Java based "widgets" that emit HTML. Any real products yet...?

    Any ideas/suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance.


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    I suggest that you use one of my favorite packages, the Element Construction Set from Apache. Go to and download the latest version of ECS and you may never use a JSP again. I don't.
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    You can also try iText-package. It can generate xml, html and pdf from your data quite easily. You can find it from sourceforge.