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  1. Hi,
    I am developing an application using ServletExec/ISAPI 3.1
    IIS 4 on WINNT 4.0 server
    my problem is that I cant view any jsp files in my browser .
    I created a simple application called "app1" using servletexec,I placed jsp files under the jsp folder.

    I tried to view the jsp in IE 5.0
    I get this error "The page cannot be displayed"

    what could be wrong?

    Ihab El Attar
    Quality Standards
    ClickGSM Project Development Team
    ihab dot el-attar at vodafone dot com dot eg

  2. Specify the port number like below:
  3. I am using the default port for http service
    port 80
  4. Start by checking your ServletExec/ISAPI installation against the following checklist:

    You might also review the ServletExec 3.1 Installation Guide, a copy of which is available from:

    If you continue to have problems, I recommend posting your question to the ServletExec Support Forum on New Atlanta's web site:


    Vince Bonfanti
    New Atlanta Communications, LLS