Book Launch: Enterprise Java Beans, 3rd edition (O'Reilly)


News: Book Launch: Enterprise Java Beans, 3rd edition (O'Reilly)

  1. A newsgroup posting from Richard Monson-Haefel
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm happy to announce that the book, Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition (O'Reilly 2001), is now available! The 3rd edition covers EJB 2.0 including message driven beans, complex entity-to-entity relationships, EJB QL, session beans, and a whole lot more. It also has coverage of EJB 1.1 for those of us who are still working in that environment. link for EJB book

    (You will notice that O'Reilly EJB book doesn't use the "Toy Train" cover any longer. We are now using a Kangaroo on the cover).

    In addition to the EJB book, a companion guide for WebLogic 6.1 is available for free download. This companion guide, called a workbook, shows how to download, install, and configure WebLogic 6.1 and run the EJB book's many examples in WebLogic 6.1. It also provides a lot helpful hints about WebLogic and is written by Greg Nyberg, one the leading experts in WebLogic. This workbook will help people get up an running with EJB 2.0 very quickly. In addition to the free PDF, there is a full set of example code with build scripts for WebLogic 6.1. Its all Free!

    Link for free workbooks:

    (Paper editions will be available for sale soon from

    The WebLogic workbook is only the first in a series of workbooks. Next week a workbook for WebSphere 4.0 AEs will become available and later in the year a workbook for the J2EE 1.3 SDK will also be published. If there are other platforms you are interested in having workbooks for,
    please let me know about it.



    Richard Monson-Haefel
    Author of Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition (O'Reilly 2001)
    Co-Author of Java Message Service (O'Reilly 2000)
  2. Great book Richard, I just got it Great book Richard, I just got it yesterday and already finished reading it. While I don't know if this book is appropriate to beginners I think its a must have on every EJB developers shelf.
  3. I would love a JBoss workbook. Happy to assist myself.
  4. <I would love a JBoss workbook. Happy to assist myself.>


    JBoss Group is currently compiling a JBoss book, that will be published by SAMS Publishing at the end of this year/early next year. Also a workbook for JBoss will soon be available for download from the JBoss site.

  5. Is the workbook for JBOSS available now ? If I am new to EJB and would like to develop complex applications, how can I go about without having the JBOSS book? The online documentation didn't seem good enough for a person interested in exploiting the JBOSS features. Also there didn't seem enough examples to help a newbie. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.

  6. Hai Manson Hafel

    I am j2ee lead in a mnc comapny.could a please tell me is there any proposal about releasing work book for jbsoss and just downloaded the workbook for weblogic and orderd the book.We are very much impressed by the way you bring the architecture of ejb 1.1 and jms
  7. Why don't we use this thread to start brain storming a guide book for JBoss.

    At a minimum, it should not reproduce the jboss user's guide (no reason that couldn't benefit from the effort, though).

    What info would go into such a guide book:

    Start with a simple App. The cruise line from the book seems to be a good starting place. Put together a complete EAR that includes the jar for the ejbs, ples a couple simple greyscreens that drive them. Get it to run with jboss/tomcat and Jboss/jetty. Add in the SQL scripts for a few databases (MySQL, Postgres, MS, Oracle) and instructions how to install.

    Sounds within the realm of the pissble to me

  8. I apologize for my non-proofread comment.
  9. Already there are choas in the j2ee developers mind that jboss is not being certified by sun and you may aware the debacle going on in this site.with that in mind my question is why jboss is left out from the is because of the open source! .remember the work book is for weblogic6.1 and ibm the two leading commercial appserver provider in the industry.with plenty of examples in the release of weblogic6.1 kit itself what is the necessity of going for a separate work book coming along with the published book. i have great admire on MansonHaefel.If found anything wrong excuse.

    And the developers take any tips and guides from,, as the most inspiring tips.
  10. OK, I've downloaded the workbook for Websphere. Here is the general TOC:

    Server Installation and Configuration:
        Downloading and installing the software:
        Befoere you begin
    Exercises for CHapter 4:
      Simple Entity Bean
      Simple Session Bean
    Exercises for CHapter 5:
      The remote component interfaces
      The EJB Object, Handle, and Primary key
    Exercises for CHapter 9:
      A CMP Entity Bean
    Exercises for CHapter 10:
      A BMP Entity Bean
    Exercises for CHapter 12:
      A Stateless Session Bean
      A Stateful Session Bean

     Seems to me that most of the basic info is in JBoss user manual to fil in the Install/Configure part. For the rest, it would probably make sense to Get a build system (Ant and/or Make) in place to support the build and deployment steps of each of the demo apps.