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    I am working on a large J2EE project and I am currently using JNDI to access/update iPlanet DIrectory Server and then publish a message using JMS. This has to be done within the same transaction. The problem is I have seen nothing about LDAP/JNDI and transactions, does JNDI understand the concept of transactions? This is running within an EJB container and I have transaction set to Container managed. Is this enough?

    Any help greatly appreciated


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    Hi dio ,

    Does JNDI understand the concept of transactions ?

    No !!! .. Yah JNDI does not know anything about transactions. Basically Java Naming and Directory Interface is a just a specification given by SUN and it is actually implemented by respective vendors. This specification no where talks about transaction at all.

    ~ @bhijit

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    Thats what I thought so the question is, is there any way to accomplish what I need as an atomic action?