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What's the best first programming language to learn?

Some consider Java to be the best first programming language for developers to learn. But does it really matter? Most languages are made up of the same building blocks.

Step-by-step Checkstyle tutorial in Eclipse

The best way to preserve your code quality is to routinely run static code analysis from your IDE. Here's a tutorial on how to do this with the Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse.

Stability is the future for GraphQL developers

A group of GraphQL users and the Linux Foundation have joined forces to manage and monitor the future of Facebook's popular open source data query and manipulation language.

Amazon Corretto outdoes Oracle OpenJDK support

With Java among the most popular languages on AWS, Amazon spins out its own distribution of the OpenJDK open source Java implementation with long-term support that exceeds Oracle's.

What are alternatives to Java when learning to code?

Is it right to teach Java to students as an introductory programming language? If not, what are the alternatives to Java when it comes to learning how to code?

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