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How to use the git init command

Follow this git init tutorial to create a local repository, add files to the repo and perform commits on your local machine as you get started with distributed version control.

Why we use static final in Java for constants

Java doesn't have global constants per se, but it does have static final variables. Here we explore how these two keywords make a variable constant in Java.

How to set a Git username and password in Git config

There's a way to stop Git from repeatedly asking you for a username and password. Just set your username and password in Git config.

Git vs. GitHub: What's the difference?

Git and GitHub involve similar technology but are different in several important ways. Here's what you need to understand to get the most out of these key developer tools.

Full Git and GitHub tutorial for beginners

Git is the most popular version control tool on the market, and GitHub is the most popular Git hosting service. This Git and GitHub course shows you how to use them together.

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