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Microsoft previews OpenJDK distro to the delight of devs

In a move meant to attract more Java developers to its Azure cloud and further support the Java community, Microsoft launched a preview of its own distribution of OpenJDK.

Supreme Court ruling on Java APIs eases developer worries

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled for Google over Oracle in their high-stakes copyright battle over Java APIs, developers can rest easier -- but some questions linger.

How do you become a developer advocate?

For those who love to code and want to share their IT knowledge, the developer advocate job might be a good fit. Learn how to make the transition from developer to advocate.

Pascal case vs. camel case: What's the difference?

It's easy to confuse camel case and Pascal case. We'll show you the difference between the two common variable naming conventions, along with some examples.

Genuitec's CodeTogether 4.0 promotes pair programming

With Genuitec CodeTogether 4.0, development teams can work collaboratively even when remote. The product supports pair programming, mob programming and swarm programming.

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