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Learn robotic automation with a beginners RPA tutorial

Developers can eliminate tedious and monotonous tasks with the help of robotic process automation. This UiPath tutorial highlights the early steps with any RPA platform.

How COVID led to an uptick in process automation

Process automation can help corporate budget planners cut costs and create efficiencies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Expect companies that sell these tools to see significant growth in these times.

How COVID-19 changes everything for IT

What will the long-term effects be of COVID-19 on the IT industry? Early indications show that virtual conferences and telecommuting are signals of what the future will hold.

COBOL programming returns to forefront because of COVID-19

An uptick in COBOL interest stems from its presence in entrenched, legacy government apps, such as unemployment or apps for emergency loans. A rush to use these apps at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic reminded us all that COBOL remains a force in...

An introduction to RPA programming with UiPath Studio

Follow this UiPath Studio tutorial for the basics of RPA programming and see how developers can improve their skills as they build in-depth applications.

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