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How HashMap and Hashtable differ for Java maps

When HashMap replaced Hashtable as part of the Java 1.2 release, it moved away from how developers previously used the collections API and Java maps.

What's the difference between Git log and reflog?

How do Git log and reflog differ? These examples show how the two commit history commands provide distinct results for a developer.

5 tool categories to build a powerful DevOps technology stack

Want to speed application delivery and deployment? Consider adding one of these five DevOps tools and technologies to your IT department.

How to fit in as a junior developer

Are you a new programmer in need of a quick and simple way to blend in with your team? Here's some career advice from none other than Benjamin Franklin that might help you do just that.

Understand the Git working tree, status command for easy DVCS

This quick tutorial explains the importance of the Git working tree. With the help of the git status command, you'll become an expert on how the popular DVCS tool transforms the file system.

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