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Why use the Hibernate JPA implementation?

JPA is the Java standard for data persistence, especially for relational systems. Here, we explore how Hibernate and JPA work together to make database processes easier.

Hyperledger and IBM bring blockchain apps to the enterprise

If you're thinking about building blockchain apps, you're probably looking for the right tools and technologies. Hyperledger Fabric and Composer just might meet your requirements.

Programming for the web? These languages work the best

Many technologies have emerged to facilitate browser-based development. Here, we look at those technologies in an effort to identify the best web programming languages of today.

Securely pull from GitHub using Jenkins OAuth tooling

The easiest way to securely push code to your remote GitHub repository from your continuous integration server is to use the Jenkins OAuth plug-in. This tutorial shows you how.

Install Java on Windows and set JAVA_HOME and path

Is it time to install the latest Java release? Here is a quick look at how to get Java running on Windows, how to set up JAVA_HOME and how to configure the Java path setting as well.

Coffee Talk: News & Insight

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