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5 reasons why Java is still the best programming language

Here's why Java is still the most popular programming language for everything from mobile development to enterprise and server-side applications that empower the middle tier.

A monolithic vs. cloud-native migration quiz for developers

Are you prepared for a cloud-native migration? This quiz contrasts the microservice vs. monolithic approaches to software development and will help gauge your knowledge.

Java Iterator vs. Enumeration: Why Iterator is the right call

Do you need to loop through a collection of objects and need to decide between a Java Iterator or an Enumeration? Here's why you should choose an Iterator almost every time.

The benefits and drawbacks of Java's fail-safe iterators

Iterators in Java are a simple mechanism to help developers avoid runtime exceptions. Let's explore the difference between fail-fast and fail-safe iterators.

How to build a Spring Boot 12-Factor app

Here we look at how the Spring Boot framework supports the Twelve-Factor App methodology, and where tools such as GitHub, Docker and Kubernetes fill in the voids.

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