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How to refactor the God object antipattern

Loose coupling can inadvertently create a God object problem in an object-oriented software system. Here's how to get rid of the issue and simplify the design in five easy steps.

Developer vs. DevOps roles: What's the difference?

Don't lump developers and DevOps engineers into the same category. Compare and contrast the two and see which one is a better fit for your programming career.

Java 14 previews new Pattern Matching, Records features

With Java 14, Oracle delivers features to the Java language and platform that enhance the productivity of developers building new enterprise applications.

6 top webpage performance metrics to monitor

Webpage performance is paramount for digital success. To monitor webpage performance, use these top six metrics.

GitHub's NPM acquisition draws open source concerns

GitHub's acquisition of NPM will bring two prominent open source players together under the Microsoft umbrella. But moves like this tend to cause concern for some observers.

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