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3 ways to remove Java emojis from code

Don't let a Java emoji slow down development. Follow these three tips to get rid of pesky emojis in Java code and create clean, concise text.

Focus on the artifact for an organizational DevOps strategy

JFrog Shippable aims to simplify pipeline management. JFrog VP of Engineering Avi Cavale discusses strategies to implement DevOps with TheServerSide's Cameron McKenzie.

Quarkus becomes part of Red Hat Runtimes

With Quarkus, Red Hat targets the popular Spring Boot framework to help developers use Java as a first-class language to build microservices and container-based applications.

How HashMap and Hashtable differ for Java maps

When HashMap replaced Hashtable as part of the Java 1.2 release, it moved away from how developers previously used the collections API and Java maps.

What's the difference between Git log and reflog?

How do Git log and reflog differ? These examples show how the two commit history commands provide distinct results for a developer.

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